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Victor Williams continued on with a busy career following his time on The King Of Queens as Deacon Palmer.
The legacy of CBS’ popular sitcom The King of Queens lives on to date. While not quite a spin-off, leading stars Kevin James and Leah Remini were reunited in 2016, in yet another comedy show on the network — this time titled Kevin Can Wait. The pair apparently often exchanged friendly fire behind the scenes on TKOQ, but were eager to work together again when the opportunity arose.
The King of Queens also continues to be a massive success in syndication, with reruns of the late ‘90s / early and mid noughties show still airing on multiple platforms in the States and around the world. James and Remini have particularly benefited from this, with the residuals they earn from the reruns enough to live off for the rest of their lives.
In March 2021, the cast of the Michael J. Weithorn and David Litt series also joined up on Facebook for a reunion special in memory of former colleague Jerry Stiller, nearly one year after his passing in May 2020.
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Joining Remini and James in the reunion were other main cast members, including Victor Williams. The New Yorker has been a busy man since the end of The King of Queens.
Victor Williams was one of the main stars of The King of Queens, playing the role of Deacon Palmer. The sitcom essentially followed the daily lives of deliveryman Doug Heffernan and his wife, Carrie, as they navigate the challenges of marriage and suburban life in Queens, New York. Those two roles were played by Kevin James and Leah Remini respectively.
Deacon is Doug’s best friend and co-worker, and is a recurring character throughout the series. He is often depicted as a loyal and supportive friend to Doug, offering him advice and assistance whenever he needs it. He is also a loving family man, as husband to Kelly (Merrin Dungey) and father to Kirby and Major Palmer.
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One of the key characteristics of Deacon’s personality is his love of practical jokes and pranks. He is always looking for opportunities to play pranks on his friends, and often ends up getting into trouble as a result. Deacon and Doug’s friendship is put to the test on several occasions, but they always manage to reconcile and strengthen their bond.
Following the end of The King of Queens on CBS in 2007, Victor Williams continued acting in various roles on television.
Perhaps the most prominent of those was as Detective Jeffries in the Showtime drama series The Affair between 2014 and 2018.
Williams’ character in the show is a police detective who is tasked with investigating a murder that takes place at the center of the series’ narrative. He is shown to be a dedicated and dogged investigator.
Throughout the series, Jeffries becomes deeply involved in the case, and as the investigation progresses, he becomes increasingly fixated on finding the truth. He is also shown to be a man with a personal life, with a wife and a daughter, which adds to the complexity of his character.
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Williams might not have been the main attraction in The Affair, but the audience was still rooting for him. One fan expressed their support on Reddit, saying: “I love [lead actor Dominic West] and I'm very happy to see Victor Williams getting work again after King of Queens.”
Television has been the bread and butter of Victor Williams’ career, but that’s not to say that he has been completely missing in action on the big screen.
Since his final appearance in The King of Queens, the actor has featured in a number of films, including Hungry Hearts, Trouble, November Criminals and The Land of Steady Habits.
Back on TV, he continued making cameos following his TKOQ spell, including in The Practice, Love, Inc., Girlfriends, and a voice role in DC’s Justice League on Cartoon Network. His first major role came in the HBO sitcom titled Flight of the Conchords in 2009. In a recurring capacity, he portrayed a character called Police Officer West.
In 2012, Williams appeared in six episodes of police procedural drama NYC 22 on CBS. The series was originally created by Robert De Niro and novelist Richard Price, but was canceled after just one season of 13 episodes. After more recurring roles in People of Earth and Sneaky Pete, Williams featured as part of the main cast of Happy Together in 2018.
The actor has gone on to star in Bull, Hunters and The Good Lord Bird, and is set to appear alongside Timothy Olyphant in the upcoming miniseries Justified: City Primeval.
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