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May 2023 to most is just another month and another year, but for those plugged into DoD contracts and CMMC….then that date is most likely circled on your calendar. May 2023 is when DoD will begin writing CMMC requirements into contracts.  “CMMC 2.0 will dramatically strengthen the cybersecurity of the defense industrial base,” said Jesse Salazar, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Policy. “By establishing a more collaborative relationship with industry, these updates will support businesses in adopting the practices they need to thwart cyber threats while minimizing barriers to compliance with DoD requirements.” We want to make sure you’re spun up on the latest 411, so let’s put it to a quiz below. Ready for CMMC? Test your knowledge.

If you’ve clicked this article and taken this quiz, you are most likely in the process of getting ready to become CMMC certified. With less than a year until the interim rule goes in effect, you’re feeling the heat and you can’t get out of the kitchen at this point. Our experts want us to stress to you that the goal and objective for this compliance audit is for the benefit of the DIB and the warfighter. There are resources out there that are available to help you get ready. If you don’t have the right personnel yet check out our website and look to hire those SMEs in cybersecurity policy. You have time, so take a deep breath and remember… no one has an assessment tool yet…don’t go paying for a company to tell you if you’ll pass.
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