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 L3Harris in Tewkesbury: Engineering Stories
Engineers come from all walks of life, bringing the benefit of different backgrounds, perspectives and interests to the table. The term engineering covers such a broad scope of disciplines and specialist skills, it’s interesting to understand how people discover the initial spark that led them to the role they have today.
Why choose a career in cyber and defence?
The defence industry is dynamic, fast-paced and always evolving. This is largely due to the rapid pace of change across the modern battlespace; as threats continue to become more sophisticated, defence and cyber technology needs to remain one step ahead. At L3Harris specialists work alongside customers and partners to design, develop and deploy exciting next-generation capabilities that help make the world safer.
What does L3Harris do? 
A global aerospace, security and defence technology innovator, L3Harris delivers integrated end-to-end solutions that unlock mission agility for both military
and commercial customers. From offices in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire and Fleet, Hampshire in the UK, a 300-strong team collaborates to protect nations and save lives.
| Geoff Hudson – Principal Engineer
As a teen much of my time was spent tinkering with computers that were due for disposal from my parents’ office. Before university, I took part in a Year in Industry Scheme that gave me the chance to experience engineering in the real world. When the time came to start my career, I saw the exciting opportunities L3Harris offered and knew I’d found the right place. Unfortunately my position didn’t last long as due to family circumstances I had to say goodbye after just four years. Six months after leaving, the pandemic hit and remote working became possible. I was approached by L3Harris for a remote position and gladly took it. Now I’m a Principal Engineer in charge of a large team and have the freedom and support to pursue new, innovative ideas that make customers’ lives easier.
| Phil Taylor – Consultant
Having acted as tech support for my family since I was 10, it was only natural I would later develop an interest in computing. I love making something out of nothing and the thrill of bending computers to my will. While at university I decided to do a Year in Industry, which just so happened to be at L3Harris. My course involved lots of work using MatLab, a programming language, during which time I learned a lot and was offered the chance to work on a wide range of projects. I’ve since stayed with L3Harris for 16 years and am currently a Consultant with the business. I think the reason I’ve stuck around for so long is because there’s so much variety, the work always feels fresh. While our business is also part of a larger whole, we’re small enough that customers recognise us as the experts they can go to for advice.
| Lucy Underwood – Hardware Engineering Manager
I started out life as a linguist. Fluent in four languages, I specialised in international customer services. My last position was with a medical company where I had to eventually project manage the shutdown of the factory as well as my own redundancy! Thankfully this gave me the bug for project management and I took my career in a new direction. While working for an aviation company I decided to take a huge leap and complete a Master of Science degree. As the only person on the course without any foundation in engineering I was incredibly proud to earn a distinction. I’ve worked at L3Harris for over two years and you can tell people are passionate about what they do here. The technology we create is so interesting and complex that it’s fascinating to work with. We’re not only making people’s lives better, we’re saving them too.
| Alix Longmuir – Software Engineer
I developed an interest in programming, computer science and engineering at a young age. When it came to leaving university, I had a bit of an identity crisis of ‘what do I do with my life?’ At the time, my dad was leaving the military and interviewed for a job at L3Harris. He asked if they did industrial placements and, well, the rest is history. I’ve now been working at L3Harris for nearly three years and I can’t imagine doing anything else. The work we do here is so interesting and important, I don’t know where I’d rather be. You often get given a problem people say can’t be solved and you somehow manage to do it. That moment of success is the best feeling in the world!
| Andy Jubb – Engineering Manager
I’ve always been good at science and interested in how things work but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon ‘Mechatronic Engineering’ in a university prospectus that my love of engineering got its spark. Electronic Engineering degree in hand, I made my way into the working world. Throughout my early career I seemed to be the object of an unfortunate trend; being hired for roles that didn’t use my skills or projects that never came to fruition. Eventually I found myself working on an armoured vehicle prototype project, finally something I could get my teeth into. In 2016 I was contacted by an old colleague working at TRL Technology, now L3Harris. Seven years on I’m an Engineering Manager responsible for our technical development strategy and plans to aid transformational growth. One of the best parts of my role is seeing customers’ eyes light up with possibility. It’s great to be able to spend some time understanding their problems and seeing them benefit from our kit.
 Join our growing team of specialists
 L3Harris is dedicated to recruiting and developing diverse, high-performing and talented people who are passionate about what they do. Driven by core values of integrity, respect and excellence, our people share a steadfast commitment to the customer mission and a quest for professional growth. With vacancies ranging from FPGA and Radio Frequency Engineers to Machine Learning Specialists, we welcome expertise and emerging talent from all backgrounds into our expanding workforce.
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