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The Personal Finance Society is to expand its financial education programme, in a bid to attract more young people to a career in finance.
The PFS will contribute a financial education module as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.
This will be in the form of a 13-week self-study programme to help participants better understand money management and personal finance. 
Currently, the PFS delivers free financial education workshops to schools across the UK through ‘My Personal Finance Skills’. 
PFS membership director, Mark Hutchinson said he hoped the module will give young people the confidence to manage their money and perhaps consider a career in financial planning. 
The module has been funded by the Chartered Insurance Institute’s Education and Training Trust charity (EATT).
Simon White, Chair of EATT, said the module is designed to help participants develop key life skills.
“Those participating will be able to share their learning and we hope, will be able to help those around them to be more aware of monetary scams, be able to try and budget more wisely and of course gather an understanding of how insurance is such a fundamental part of our lives,” White said.
Designed as a series of one-hour modules to be completed each week, the topics covered include: What is personal finance? What is a budget? What is credit?
The Duke of Edinburgh Awards are open to all 14-24 year olds who can choose to do a programme at one of three levels, leading to a Bronze, Silver or Gold award.
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