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Daniel Ricciardo had enough reasons to be a disgruntled employee at McLaren after his treatment. However, the Australian took everything on his chin and exited the Woking outfit gracefully. Ricciardo’s replacement, Oscar Piastri, was the winner from his early termination. However, that did not give Ricciardo enough reason to dislike the Australian. In fact, the two might be getting along better than anyone could’ve hoped.
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The Australians are on different spectrums of their Formula 1 journey. However, neither let the unfortunate entanglement of their careers affect their personal relationships. In fact, Ricciardo even expressed his despair over Piastri’s treatment after his McLaren announcement.
Regardless, that is all in the past now. A fan spotted and posted a photo on Reddit of the two Australians together in Piastri’s hometown of Melbourne. The new McLaren man drove Ricciardo around the city in his new McLaren 720S, which retails for around $300k.
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No one could’ve expected the young Melbourne-born to drive Ricciardo around in the most unexpected carpool karaoke combination. The photo posted by the Reddit user spread like wildfire and started trending on various social media platforms.
“Wanted to Be as Loyal as Possible”: Oscar Piastri Backed After Watching an Ironic Display of Patience From F1 Debutant
10 days ago
Users on Reddit started making hilarious speculations as to why the two were hanging out together.
Reddit is famous for its users’ unmatched wit and unfiltered opinions. This is exactly what we came across while going through the comments section of the post.
“What a scoop. Headline: Daniel Ricciardo teaches Oscar Piastri how to drive a McLaren.”
“Redbull sent him to give piastri career advice to sabotage Alpine.”
“Daniel Ricciardo teaches Oscar Piastri how to not drive a McLaren.”
“When you hand over the keys to the company car and the new guy has to drop you home”
“McLaren: they’ve had the old bull, now they want the calf”
Apart from the hilarious theme, one comment took a dark “turn” as well.
“Little do you know he’s gonna pull the steering wheel on the highway. Go down, go down together.”
“DR- “That was my seat”
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The viral photo made its way to Twitter as well as fans reacted on the Elon Musk-owned social media platform.
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Nothing just Oscar Piastri and Daniel Ricciardo chilling in traffic together in a McLaren. pic.twitter.com/NLzifmlJ2k
— Formula Latest (@formulalatest) January 10, 2023

can we all agree on the fact that it is definitely mark webber and not daniel ricciardo in that photo in the car with oscar piastri
— formulalola (@formulalola) January 10, 2023
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Among fans, we also wonder what wisdom Ricciardo part with the young Australian. However, it’s good to see the two get along well.
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