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APPRENTICE star and West Ham United vice-chair Karren Brady answers your careers questions and meets an inspirational CEO.
Here she gives a reader advice on how to be a good interviewer when recruiting a new team member.
Q) Six months ago I was promoted into a manager role at the company I’ve been at for three years.
Now I need to recruit a new member of my team, but I’m really anxious about the interview process. I know that I’ve personally struggled with job interviews in the past and my nerves tend to get the better of me – and I’m scared the same will happen when I’m the one asking the questions!
Do you have any tips about how to be a good interviewer?
Rosie, via email
A) Many people get nervous when it come to interviews – whichever side of the process they’re on!
As an interviewer, you’re looking for a reason to give the interviewee the job, rather than why you shouldn’t.
First, make sure you fully understand the role you are recruiting for, and the skills and experience you need the right candidate to have.
Study the applicants’ CVs and LinkedIn profiles before the interview, making notes on their relevant experience and achievements you’d like to learn more about.
It is also important to identify any areas where they may not have the relevant experience or skillset, and explore this within the interview.
Have a list of questions that you want to cover, but also allow the conversation to flow.
This shows that you are listening, and it can lead to other questions you were planning to ask – some of the best interviews I have held have been more conversational.
Always give the interviewee an opportunity to ask you a few questions, so they can learn more about the company and the team and how they fit into it, too..
Sophie Attwood, 31, is the founder of PR agency Sophie Attwood Communications and lives in Cheshire with her husband Daniel, 40, and their daughter Isla, three.
I wake up at…
I’m writing a book about how businesses can get PR-ready, so I get up at 4.30am to work on it.
I just don’t have creativity in the evenings. I make tea, feed my dogs and then write until Isla wakes at 7am.
We eat breakfast and at 8am leave for pre-school. On the 30-minute car journey,
I answer big life questions like: “Why is the sky blue?” From school, I then drive 15 minutes to my office.
A normal day involves…
Every morning I join my team of seven for a brainstorming session, then I’m often at client product launches, press events or broadcasting studios.
When in the office, I work on bigger-picture jobs, such as building retail partnerships for brands. 
I spend a lot of my day speaking to our 25-plus retainer clients. A 10-minute chat sparks new ideas, which keeps the business strategy fresh.
I was never good at stopping for lunch, but now that I run a team, I try to lead by example and I’m diligent about taking breaks because they benefit us mentally.
Before finishing at 5pm, I thank my team, then I don’t do anything work-related unless it’s urgent.
My previous employer sent emails at 10pm, and during the pandemic, WhatsApp became a way of making contact professionally.
I don’t want to be doing bath time while listening to voice notes that can wait until the next day!
I try to set clear boundaries with new clients and my team knows that the evening is for relaxing.
The best part of my job is…
In 2021, we played a huge part in changing the legislation surrounding fillers, which until last year weren’t illegal for those under 18.
We raised awareness by sharing stories, speaking with MPs and working alongside ambassadors in the medical aesthetics industry to protect young girls.
And the worst…
Not switching off. At weekends, I’ll see something on Instagram and my work brain clicks in. 
I wind down by…
I’ve started doing Yoga With Adriene online. I sadly still can’t touch my toes, but the mental benefits are incredible.
 Visit Sophieattwood.co.uk.
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