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APPRENTICE star and West Ham United vice-chair Karren Brady answers your careers questions and meets an inspirational CEO.
Here she gives a reader advice on what she should do if she's unsatisfied with her graduate job and wants to try something different.
Q) I graduated in June with a degree in business management with accounting and finance.
I secured a graduate job in auditing and have been studying
for the ACA qualification.

However, I’ve realised that this job is not for me.
I don’t enjoy the role or the studying – and now I have no idea what to do.
My dream is to own my own business, but at 21 I know this is something I am going to have to work hard for in the future and, in the meantime, I need to apply for a new job.
I’m not sure where to start and what to tell potential employers. Do you have any advice?
Jessica, via email
A) Don’t give yourself a hard time about deciding that this is not the industry for you.
At 21, you have a lifetime of work ahead of you, so it’s important that you choose the career that will make you happy.
While a specific degree can be important, so are the skills that studying teaches you.
Start by asking yourself what you are passionate about.
Join LinkedIn and follow companies you admire and business leaders you respect.
Look at jobs within their businesses and what the requirements are.
As for what to say to employers: be honest. If I was interviewing a 21 year old, I wouldn’t expect to see someone who has their whole career trajectory mapped out, but I would hope to see their ambition, tenacity and work ethic.
I would also be impressed if they told me their dream was to
have their own company, but they knew they needed to gain a lot of experience.
Look into Barclays LifeSkills, which works with people to build a job-hunting “toolbox”.
Time you spend investing in yourself is important – so don’t rush it.
Nathalie Schyllert, 40, is the CEO of wellness brand Bodyism. She lives in West London with her financier husband Marcus, 42, and their children Oliver, nine, Chloe, six, and Benji, 11 months.
I wake up at… 6am, when Benji wakes.
I give him a bottle and make myself a green tea, then get ready.
Chloe loves helping out at breakfast and always tries to make the best omelettes or pancakes.
During the morning rush, sometimes it’s helpful, sometimes it’s a bit stressful!
A normal day involves… After our live-in nanny starts around 8am, I check emails, then at 8.30am, when Oliver catches the school bus, I take Chloe to school, before walking 30 minutes to our Notting Hill flagship fitness club, where I work four days a week.
On my way, I try to respond to a few emails about everything from updating club insurance to marketing and PR.
After Benji was born, I didn’t take proper maternity leave. I need to sit in board meetings and oversee things like paying salaries and preparing the next year’s budgets, so I can never really switch off.
Mornings are quite social. The first hour of the day is peak member hour and so, because I don’t have an office, I use this time to catch up with members and the team.
I’m fortunate to have flexibility with work. Most days, I finish around 4pm, walk home and do one of the school pick-ups, while the nanny does the other.
When the kids are in bed, I spend 30 minutes finishing emails, before checking the calendar for the next day’s meetings and organising what the kids need in their school bags.
The best part of my job is… Seeing members getting healthier and happier, and the team growing into their roles.
I started as a trainer at Bodyism 13 years ago and worked my way up. I love to develop the team.
And the worst… There’s always pressure and responsibilities as a company co-owner and CEO. It can be as tough as it is rewarding!
I wind down by… After Benji falls asleep and once the older kids are in bed, Marcus and I might have an hour to watch Netflix after dinner.
I’m usually in bed by 10pm so that I wake up feeling rested the next morning.
● For more information visit Bodyism.com
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