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This year the first Monday in November is on date, November 7, 2022, which marks Job Action Day! 
 The day aims to recognize and empower the millions who dream of having a job of their desires.
As Aristotle said 
“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”.
The motive of this day is to encourage and motivate the workers who’ve worked hard their whole lives to pursue a career which actually makes them feel content.
In 2008, QuintCareers created Job Action Day to connect employees all over the globe and grant them career advice from experts in that particular field. 
Now, on this day job seekers around the world are urged to explore opportunities through the readily available tools and resources in this age and at this moment.
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Job Action Day, was commenced in 2008, as an annual event by QuintCareers and goes on to be under the umbrella of sponsorship from LiveCareer.
The occasion is meant to bring together career experts and bloggers to deliver the most relevant advice to jobseekers and employees.
Regardless of your employment status,Job Action Day empowers people to create a career plan and have hope for the future they dream about.
On Job Action Day urges you to ask yourself these questions.
If the answer to most of these questions is No It’s a time to make an action plan and glare at the bigger picture filled with better opportunities.
It’s understandable that as a society, we are required to make a living in order to survive, but the joy of  doing something that we truly love can’t compare to any amount of earned money. 
When Steve Jobs stood in front of the class 2005 graduating from Stanford he said 
” the only way to do great work is to love what you do “
Studies have shown that being happy at work will not only boost your productivity and enjoying your job will help you stay motivated, learn faster and make better business decisions with fewer mistakes. What else do we need! 
Hungarian Psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi distinguished that being able to enjoy work is the central component in getting in the state of flow. 
The psychologist proclaimed that every time you view a task in a negative light, your mind is already making it harder for you, hence a positive mind would be inclined to completing more efficiently. 
A fully devoted mind at work will only lead to high quality outputs, leading you towards success at work.
A positive and passionate mindset can be tough to implement while conducting tedious tasks. 
In order to change the way you think, you also need to change the way you work. 
Something you can start with is:  
 Realizing your own worth is crucial, but understanding your team’s potential is just as significant and valuable. 
Working with your colleagues enables us to foster interest in work and establish enthusiasm.
 In a study conducted by O’Keefe, assistant professor of psychology at Yale- NUS College in Singapore, it was found that those working with a partner noted greater interest in the topic and a stronger desire to master it.
Meaning that you need to utilize your co-workers for motivation. Brainstorm, collaborate, and examine to infuse interest and drive in your job.
The Industrial Revolution brought waged labor in a large number.
The first five-day working week, Monday to Friday was initiated at a New England cotton mill.
Employers started administering job interviews as widespread practice.
QuintCareers created Job Action Day to inspire people to search for careers that fit their needs.
This day not only urges us to ask ourselves certain questions about our current mental state around our work routines but also encourages us to improve the same.
With the constant pressure of finding a job when the world is on the move can be immensely stressful and can lead to a state of mental paralysis. 
Which can do you the harm of grabbing the first opportunity thrown at us by the universe without exploring your already available options which could prove to be perfect for your personality and field of interest.
LiveCareer’s Job Action Day strives to remind us of this, and that there’s always hope for a job that will not only fulfill your heart but will bring out the best of your mind.
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