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From taking that first leap to finding a supportive community, we spoke to five female entrepreneurs to discover their top tips for growing their business and the transformative resources that helped them along the way… 
Running a business may be rewarding, but it certainly isn’t easy.
Add to that the acutely unlevel playing field for women in business and the prospects for female entrepreneurs can look pretty discouraging. In fact, just 5% of women-owned businesses have a sponsor compared to 12% of businesses owned by men.
That’s why the #SheMeansBusiness hub empowers women with tools and networks to help their businesses flourish, grow and go beyond expectations.
With access to resources including one-to-one mentoring and online events teaching participants how to get creative with their ads, it’s a serious way to begin dismantling the barriers to success that women in business face.
In May 2022, The Go Beyond competition hosted by NatWest and Meta spotlighted 50 female entrepreneurs, awarding them with an ad spend and a package of training support.
We spoke to five of the winners to get the low-down on their key advice for scaling a business and the tools that helped them along the way…
After a life-changing spinal injury resulted in Amelia Peckham having to rely on walking aids, she and her mother saw a gap in the market for crutches that were comfortable, supportive and stylish.
Eleven months later, the mother-daughter duo launched Cool Crutches, a business dedicated to providing colourful and customisable crutches and walking sticks.
When asked for her top tip for growing a business and taking it to the next level, Peckham simply says, “Go for it.”
“Try everything because you’ll find success in failure. Half the battle is knowing what doesn’t work for your business in order to put all of your resources into what does. Understanding that solving problems and failing is part of that process.”
The availability of expert guidance is paramount to the success of any venture and Peckham credits the access to mentorship through the #SheMeansBusiness hub as pivotal in reaching an important milestone for Cool Crutches.
“We hit our biggest month of sales this August, and that was six weeks after I started the programme,” says Peckham.
“The experts we had access to were phenomenal – not only in the workshops and seminars but also through mentorship. I had two hours with an incredible strategic mentor and it helped me realise what the best route for my business was. I would never have reached that conclusion on my own.”
Founded by a Ugandan-Jamaican husband and wife duo, Matugga Rum is part of the UK’s exciting craft rum scene.
Honing the true artisanal method of making the rum from scratch, Jacine and her husband saw an opportunity to bring a process that was once confined to tropical climes all the way to Scotland.
For Rutasikwa, being ready to constantly learn and evolve was crucial to growing her business.
“I will never stop being a learner because the landscape is always changing and the consumer is always changing, so being able to adapt and be agile is really key.”
Carving time out for self-care can be the difference between burnout and success and it’s just as important for female entrepreneurs as it is for everyone else.
“I think it’s important to take care of ourselves,” says Rutasikwa.
“The journey of an entrepreneur is not easy. The daily grind, the daily ups and downs, we’re heavily invested on so many levels that taking care of ourselves can become quite secondary when things are tough.”
The constantly shifting social media landscape and relentless pace of digital marketing is also daunting for many business owners. But Rutasikwa says that harnessing this was key to gearing up her business for a new launch.
“Having Meta onboard to give us the right resources and training has been really helpful. You can throw so much at digital marketing but the hub has helped us to be so much more strategic.”
Award-winning, gender-neutral and sustainable kids’ clothing brand, LoveLux London, was inspired by the founder’s three daughters and created to empower future generations.
Living, designing and producing according to the motto: “Playful, Positive, Planet!”, Lux Sekeram laid down her top tips for business growth and success.
“Seeing the girls excited that you can have a dream and make it possible has been the best bit about it.
“My top tip is to get your product out there, whether that’s doing pop-ups or connecting with customers via social media. You could have the most amazing product but if you don’t have a marketing strategy to back that up then no one knows about it.”
For Sekeram, it was the Digital Boost tool available on the hub that allowed her to get the support to produce standout creative content for her digital ads and really drive sales.
“You find out about resources that, as a small business, you don’t know about. There’s Digital Boost, which is amazing. More people need to know about it. It’s a free resource and whenever you need a sounding board, you can book in a one-to-one which is mega helpful.”
Founded by Kylie Reid, what started as a Facebook group became Scotland’s largest on and offline community for women.
Now known as EGG, Edinburgh Gossip Girls has a review-led online directory that helps people find brilliant local independents and hosts events around supporting and celebrating women.
“If I had any advice to give someone it would be to not think too hard about it. Be confident in your ability – we’re not here forever and wouldn’t it be a shame if you didn’t give it a go,” says Reid.
But even when you’ve built a community based on a love of connection, running your own business can be extremely isolating.
“Surrounding yourself with women who are also on a mission and can instil confidence in each other has helped me,” she adds.
Reid was able to network with other female entrepreneurs through the #SheMeansBusiness hub and foster new ideas for EGG through cross-industry interaction.
“There was a great group session I was involved in through #SheMeansBusiness and it was brilliant to talk to people from an industry far removed from my own,” says Reid
“Coming into a bricks and mortar space where we could all come together and share and support was vital.”
Imagine Me Stories is a monthly subscription box for children championing books with Black main characters, founded by Keisha Ehigie when she spotted the lack of children’s books with Black role models for her daughter.
Ehigie’s top tip for levelling up in business is specific to entrepreneurs navigating the e-commerce space as a D2C business, particularly in building a strong online presence.
“Before you even start marketing or reaching out to people you need to lay the foundations of your business and the main foundation is your website,” says Ehigie.
“You have to have a website that converts people, so make sure that whatever means you’re using to sell your products are very effective. When I reviewed my website from the customer’s perspective, it turned so much around for me.”
If you’re not from a creative background, designing digital ads that accurately reflect your offering can be particularly challenging. For Ehigie, the expert guidance on ad creatives in the hub helped optimise her campaign’s performance.
“The most valuable thing was the one-to-one session with the Meta ad expert. She went through my existing campaign and the tips she gave me on amending the creatives for my ads made it so much more effective.”
If you’re a female entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level, Meta’s #SheMeansBusiness hub offers on-demand training and accessible resources to arm you with the support and inspiration to transform your business. Click here for more tips and advice on going beyond in business.

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