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With the convenience of the digital age come new concerns. While it is incredibly easy to network online, apply to jobs, and showcase your resume, it is also more frequent that you hear stories of catfishing, social engineering, and other scams.
On platforms like LinkedIn, and even Craigslist, scammers are posting fake job opportunities, or reaching out to candidates, in hopes of obtaining personal information for their use or even steal your money. With the pandemic and an increase in remote roles, these scams became even more prevalent.
Is there a rubric for knowing if you’re being scammed regarding a new role? The editorial team walks you through a checklist that can help you make that decision.

One woman went viral on TikTok after she sent personal identifiable information to a scammer that was disguised as a high-profile tech company hoping to recruit her.
It all seemed pretty ordinary as she applied to a posting, engaged with the recruiter through the hiring process, and scheduled an interview, though it wasn’t through the usual app like Teams or Zoom. Fairly soon after, she received a job offer she couldn’t refuse.
This candidate’s story showcases some red flags and while usually okay standing alone, seeing more than one should be cause for concern.
Here are just a few signs that you’re being scammed on a job opportunity:
Practicing cyber hygiene is important for any individual alive in 2022. But especially for security clearance holders.
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