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Here are great career options for people with art degrees – Boston Herald

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Creative individuals may be compelled to pursue degrees in the arts when enrolling in traditional colleges or universities or specialized schools. Studying the arts can be exciting, and an arts degree makes it possible to pursue an array of professional opportunities.
Students interested in the arts may question their desire to pursue an arts degree. Since technology is now ingrained in daily life, some students may wonder if they can chart a successful career path with a degree that does not fall under the STEM umbrella. Thankfully, art degrees can prepare students for a wide range of jobs. Here are some career options to explore.
Illustrator: Someone with an arts degree can work in many areas of illustration. This may include fashion illustration, medical illustration, comic book illustration and even children’s book illustration.
General artist: An artist works with different media to create and sell original works. This may include weaving, glassblowing, painting or knitting.
Production artist: Production artists produce high-quality print materials, packaging and displays across a variety of industries.
Curator: Curators specialize in particular subjects and work in museums. Curators also may work as educators.
Graphic designer: Graphic designers primarily work in digital artwork for editorial products, company brands and logos and product packaging.
Industrial designer: Industrial designers develop the look of manufactured products, such as cars, toys and home furnishings, among other items.
Art director: Art directors develop the visual style for various items, including magazines, online publications, product packaging and marketing materials. Art directors work in conjunction with graphic artists.
Art therapist: Art therapists are mental health professionals who use creative outcomes and tools to help patients deal with a variety of mental and emotional issues.
Interior designer: Artists with an eye for home design will need to take some interior design courses in school, but this can lead to a career making spaces beautiful – both for private and corporate clients.
Architect: Artistic individuals who also are interested in designing buildings and other spaces can pursue careers in architecture. Illustration skills are a valuable asset to have in this field.
Art degrees can open doors in a variety of fulfilling fields.
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