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“Come on, Ross. You’re a paleontologist, dig a little deeper.”
From the very first episode of Friends, we learned that some of the gang have their dream jobs, whilst others don’t.
When Rachel comes bounding into the lives of Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey, we soon discover that she doesn’t have a job… and is likely never had a proper job as an adult. She becomes a terrible waitress and, thanks to Chandler telling her to feel the fear, she quits and goes after her dream job as a fashion buyer – eventually achieving her dreams at a top fashion house in Paris.
Chandler might feel confident in dishing out advice, but he doesn’t always take it. He works in a statistical job that no one quite knows what it is. Focusing on the WENUS and the ANUS, he has a job that isn’t really his dream. After quitting because he was forced to move to Tulsa, he eventually finds his calling in advertising.
Joey, Monica, Ross and Phoebe, unlike Rachel and Chandler, know exactly what they want. Despite all of them being fired, not getting the dream job and even taking other work to keep them going, these four show that following your dreams can eventually lead to the career you’ve always wanted!
With so many jobs held down by the gang of Friends over the show’s ten season, let’s see how much you know about their careers?
Answers at the end!
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