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This page provides a space for information and resources about training and development opportunities, CPD, networking events and our End-point Assessment (EPA) services for theCareers Development Professional Apprenticeship (ST0694 – please see the EPAO section for details). 
Our Careers Newsletters can be found in the CPD section.
We hold termly network events for people involved in the careers agenda in Suffolk schools and colleges.
Next meeting will be held online on 20 September 2022.  
View the agenda for the meeting
If you wish to be on the invitation list or suggest items for the agenda please contact jacqui.phipps@suffolk.gov.uk 
For more information, contact skills@suffolk.gov.uk or jacqui.phipps@suffolk.gov.uk.
The EAST Career Training has no courses planned for 2022/23.
Please consult the CDI website for information regarding training. 
For more information, contact skills@suffolk.gov.uk or jacqui.phipps@suffolk.gov.uk.
We have been approved and recognised by Ofqual to act as the End Point Assessor Organisation for the Careers Development Professional Apprenticeship (ST0694).
For more information please contact EPA@suffolk.gov.uk or Jacqui.phipps@suffolk.gov.uk 
This video is a discussion with the first apprentice through the CDP Apprenticeship as she talks with her assessor about her experience of the Apprenticeship and the End Point Assessment with Suffolk CC. It shows the hard work, dedication and professionalism needed to qualify as a Careers professional.
To access resources for this conference please contact skills@suffolk.gov.uk
Discover Your Future 2021 was a programme developed and delivered by Enterprise Adviser Network and Suffolk County Council. Resources below are free for you to use. 
Watch this “Discover your future LMI” video.
Theme resilience and mock interviews
For more information, contact skills@suffolk.gov.uk or jacqui.phipps@suffolk.gov.uk.


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