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‘The algorithm is too accurate,’ one viewer writes in response on TikTok
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A career coach has opened up about job burnout and how problematic it can be to stay at a position for “too long” when it is not the right fit.
On TikTok, Jenna, @jennakgreco, frequently posts videos with career advice on how to leave a job that you’re unhappy with and apply for a new one.
In a clip posted last month, Jenna addressed what could happen when you want to leave a position that you’re “drained” by but “don’t know what [you] want to do next”.
She went on to explain that when people are “over” the work that they’re doing, they start to “lose their motivation”, which affects their performance.
“When you start to lose your motivation, you’re not trying as hard,” she said, before acknowledging how many of her clients are huge achievers who have always been “really good at what they do”.
“So when you’re not trying as hard, you start to feel like, ‘I’m not even that good at what I’m doing. I’m not doing as good of a job as I know I could.’ And then you start to spiral,” Jenna continued. “You start to lose confidence in yourself. And then you start to think, ‘Well maybe I’m just not that good in general. Maybe I don’t have that much to offer?’”
She noted that people can question whether they can “get another job” if they’re not doing well at their current one, leading into a “fear spiral and self-doubt”.
Jenna went on to emphasise how staying in an unenjoyable job could make “you feel like you don’t want to show up and do a good job”. She also expressed how those feelings can make it more difficult to be motivated to leave your position and find a job in which you can thrive.
“The more that you dig yourself a hole that’s harder to get out of, [the] harder [it is] to leave that job and find a job where you can flourish again, right?” she said. “Where you are excited, where you are inspired, and can show up and actually do the work that you know that you want to be doing. And do it to the best of your ability.”
Jenna then opened up about the importance of having a work environment that doesn’t make you feel “drained” and “keeps you from burning out”, while allowing you to live the way you want during and outside of work.
She concluded her video by telling her viewers that if they “relate” to her advice, they should take it as “sign to do something”.
“To get yourself out of it and start taking action to figure out, what do you want to do next?” she said. “And take the steps to help you get clear on that. And get into a new job so you can start living the life that you deserve.”
As of 8 August, Jenna’s video has more than 414,000 views, with TikTok users sharing their own experiences with burnout.
“I started doing so average recently & I’m so over it that I asked for a 50 per cent raise bc I feel like I have nothing to lose anymore,” one wrote.
“The algorithm is too accurate. I was telling a friend how I’ve lost confidence since becoming a manager for my dept. I was so good in my prior role!” another said.
A third person wrote: “This was my EXACT situation. My corporate job ruined my mental health and sense of self worth. I quit a week ago and am slowly learning how to believe.”
Multiple users expressed how a lack of promotions, over time, has affected their job performances, one of which wrote: “22 years at my job & potential employers can’t match pay, PTO, and benefits. They also suspect why I want the change. I’m stuck here.”
In a follow-up video, Jenna detailed how to make a change in your career, as she noted how important it is to gain your confidence back. “Remember the skills that you have” and “surround yourself with things that give you joy”, she said.
The Independent has contacted Jenna for comment.
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