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Each generation in today’s workplace brings a unique set of experiences, perspectives, and strengths. With five different generations working side-by-side at Hilton, our Generations TMRG (Team Member Resource Group) is helping build generational bridges and awareness across all our Team Members.
In honor of Intergeneration Month, Generations we’ve been challenging Team Members to uncover and celebrate what we can learn from each other, in work and in life. Read below as Team Members from across the enterprise shine a spotlight on the direct and indirect differences across the generations that become our strengths.
Time on Team Hilton: 2 years
“The biggest strength that I feel I bring to my position is my wealth of knowledge. Living in Scotland’s capital for 55 years, I draw on my personal recommendations, favourite Edinburgh experiences, and passion for Scottish history, to offer a personalized connection with each guest. Following my retirement from the security team at the Royal Household at the Palace of Holyrood House, I joined Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh, where I am able to stay connected to my local community, enjoy my time close to home and greet each guest with an authentic Scottish welcome.”
“I value camaraderie and teamwork. I have learned that teamwork is a critical component within my team, often learning new skills to support the concierge department and to maintain our front entrance to enhance our welcome experience.
I love greeting each guest who enters the hotel, and visitors to Scotland, offering local insight to Scotland’s rich history and insider knowledge of each destination that they will visit on their journey.”
“I have always admired Charlie Watts, English musician, and lead drummer for the Rolling Stones in the 1960s – continually drawn to his work ethic, and ability to perform to incredibly exacting standards, no matter the obstacles in his path. Charlie Watts has inspired me to always stay true to myself both through my career and individual experiences.
During my time with the hotel, I have had the opportunity to meet Charlie Watts’ family, who sent me photos of their time in Edinburgh following their visit – now a very fond memory of mine.”
“The greatest lessons I can pass on to another generation are: Be Yourself. Do not be afraid to tell the truth. Learn from others.
And additionally, first aid is essential for everyone – you will never know when you may need it. Keeping relevant in this skill has offered me the opportunity to assist in charity events in both Scotland and England, including the Tour de France.”
Time on Team Hilton: 5 years
“We are highly connected. We have a comfortable relationship with technology that allows us to know what is going on around the world, bringing to the workplace different ideas, current trends, important causes, and a sense of global community.”
“A hallmark within my generation is a ‘speaking-up behavior’ and I really value the fact that at Hilton I can express my ideas and opinions feeling that my contributions are respected.”
“I had the opportunity to have some powerful and inspirational women in my career path, and from each one I learned different lessons that I use to build my own professional trail. None of them are a famous personality in Forbes Ranking but they know they make the difference in my story.”
“My generation loves to share content, thoughts, and experiences. Forget stereotypes and give us the opportunity to connect with you. Everyone has something to contribute, regardless of generation. Let us thrive together.”
Time on Team Hilton: 17 years
“Building my second family, travelling with Hilton, and fostering new bonds with different colleagues are all very important.”
“Being with Hilton for several years, I have had the amazing opportunity to meet and connect with many people globally. It is difficult to name one person when so many have given me valuable advice. Having said that in the later part of my career I have been extremely fortunate to work closely with J. Shamala Krishnan – Regional Director of Human Resources – Malaysia, Philippines & Sri Lanka for Hilton, where she has assisted me in building my confidence within Human Resources. On numerous projects that we have worked on, it was her steadfast thinking, and innovation that I really admire.”
“Focus on one thing at a time. You can have it all but not all at once.”
Time on Team Hilton: 9 years
“We have the benefit of experience. Having seen many upturns and downturns in our business we recognize how many things are cyclical. You learn over time that patience is a virtue and that demanding work trumps talent. Our experience allows us to be mentors to the next generation of leaders and that is extremely rewarding.”
“There is so much good in Hilton’s culture. It is supportive and you can call on anyone in the organization for help. I also think the way everyone is recognized for their achievements is wonderful. I love working here.”
“I have been fortunate to have had many great leaders and mentors in my career. One is Burt Cabanas who I worked closely with for 10 years. He came to the United States from Cuba as a boy with nothing and did not speak English. He is now Chairman of a phenomenally successful company that operates hundreds of hotels. He taught me the importance of never giving up, taking care of people and paying it forward.”
“Put people first, they are the most important thing in life. You never know what someone is going through so treat everyone with kindness and empathy. Do not take yourself too seriously. Relationships matter!”
Time on Team Hilton: 3 years
“Adaptability and being flexible to learn new things.”
“Growth opportunities and work-life balance are most important to me in any workplace. At Hilton, all my leaders have asked about other departments I may be interested in learning more about and ensures I feel challenged. Due to this, I have grown into two new roles during my tenure, aligning closer to roles that match my skillset and interests.
Outside of work, I am incredibly involved in the local community. I coach high school girls’ basketball every winter and Hilton has always been so supportive. They make sure I have the flexibility to lead practices right after school and make it to games on time.”
“I have looked up to each of my managers at Hilton. While I have gained experience with each of their different management styles, I am impressed with the openness each person has. I feel like work is really a safe space for me to talk about my desires and struggles.”
“Be open to learning each other’s differences. Everyone has different working and communication styles. Instead of getting upset when work styles do not align, see them as an opportunity to push yourself to learn new things.”
Time on Team Hilton: 10 years
“There are a lot of misconceptions about my generation. I think one of the strengths that we have brought to the workplace is the ability to adapt as our generation has experienced a lot of change.”
“I think that one of the most important values in a workplace is the ability to be your authentic self. Hilton has always allowed me to show up every day as me.”
“This is a hard one for me to answer as there are many that I admire or have looked up to throughout my career. Two things come top of mind: working mothers and my own mother. As a mom of three (8, 6 and 2), I know how much work and dedication it takes to balance work and home. My mother has been one of my biggest cheerleaders throughout my career and introduced me to hospitality. I am inspired by her willingness to take on new challenges and opportunities, while remaining true to herself.”
“Step out of your comfort zone and be willing to take on new challenges. Do not fear failure, it can be one of the most teachable moments to learn and grow from. Remember where you started, stay humble, and look for opportunities to help others get to the next step in their career. Build a core work family to receive honest feedback from and bounce ideas off. The best recipe for success is being yourself and practicing self-care. Family is everything.”
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