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The Employment Tribunals are the judicial body with responsibility for workplace justice, being the main forum for deciding disputes between workers and employers.
On these web pages you will find lots of information about the Employment Tribunals. We hope you find the information useful, whether you are a litigant, representative, member of the legal profession, or simply curious about the way in which the Employment Tribunals operate.
You can click on the links below to explore further. The best place to start is the section About the Employment Tribunals (Scotland).
Please note that the Employment Tribunals are an independent judicial body and cannot give you legal advice. You can read more about sources of advice in the External Advice section.
For more information on what the Employment Tribunals (Scotland) are, the cases they decide, and how they run
Information about the processes and procedures used by the Tribunals
Read more about the decisions of the Employment Tribunals (Scotland)
Lists of future hearings for the Employment Tribunals (Scotland)
Details of the Judges who sit in the Employment Tribunals (Scotland).
What you need to know before a hearing in the Employment Tribunals (Scotland)
Information about what to expect at an Employment Tribunals (Scotland) hearing
What you need to know following an Employment Tribunals (Scotland) hearing
Find out more about external advice and user group minutes
Find out how to contact the Employment Tribunals (Scotland)


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