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Quitting your job is a major decision, and one that can be fraught with anxiety and indecision. While you don’t want to fall prey to the “grass is always greener on the other side” mentality and quit before the time is right, many of us are guilty of staying in situations that aren’t the best for us for far too long.
Quitting your job at the right time can help you advance your career, preserve your mental health, and keep your retirement goals on track. Here are a few areas to consider when you’re weighing the pros and cons of quitting or staying.
No job is worth sacrificing your mental health. Whether it’s a toxic boss, ridiculous work hours, or coworkers sabotaging your career, a bad workplace environment could mean it’s time to move on. Your workplace environment is key to not only your mental health but to your career advancement as well.
It’s normal (and ideal) to work through challenges to grow yourself as a person, but if your workplace demands are causing you anxiety, lack of sleep, or are otherwise harming your mental or physical health, it’s probably time start your job search sooner rather than later.
Is your current position supporting the vision for your career? Being stuck in a job with no room for advancement is a career and motivation killer. If your long term goals aren’t supported in your current job, a new position and new company can keep your career trajectory heading in the right direction.
There are plenty of companies who support their employees by offering training and paid-for education along with work that is challenging and fulfilling. If you’re not already working for one of them, keep an eye out for opportunities to quit your job and move on.
Pay stagnation can be a frustrating result of staying at the same company. If you know you deserve a raise and you’ve already asked for a raise or tried to negotiate other benefits, it may be time to find a company that will pay what you’re worth.
Once in a lifetime opportunities only come up, well, once in a lifetime. Maybe it’s the chance to work in your dream location or position, or maybe it’s a chance to break into a new area of your career or work with your dream company. Sometimes these chances fall into your lap unexpectedly. Even if you weren’t thinking of quitting your job beforehand, a chance like this might be too good to pass up. Weigh the pros and cons just as you would with any other job change, but keep in mind that this chance might not come up again.
Work-life balance can be a struggle in any position. But if you’re constantly missing family events for work, staying out of town for long stretches of time, or find yourself unable to pursue hobbies because you have no free time, a new job might be your ticket to a more balanced and fulfilling life. Different seasons of life come with different needs, and what worked well for your family life situation a few years ago might not be a good fit for you anymore.
Quitting your job can be stressful, but sometimes staying in the same position causes even more stress. Moving on to a new opportunity can be a breath of fresh air, especially if your current position is harming your mental or physical health.
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