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Nov 8, 2022
Let me start off by saying this,
We live in a world where your job prioritizes your own individual needs, desires, and aspirations, often to the point of being overworked — it’s about realizing that you too, have your own individual needs and wants.
So it has nothing to do with “being lazy” and not wanting to work.
I get the confusion though, the word itself makes gives the impression that these people are against working at all.
While the antiwork community is mostly filled with people complaining about their jobs and unfair working conditions, I have learnt a couple of valuable lessons which I would like to share.
When you’re young you’re told to pick one specific job field which you’ll work in until the day you die.
But rarely is this job a choice, especially in a country such as mine where you don’t have much of choice and just have to go with what you can get.
and before you know it, you’re a “Production Scheduler” for the rest of your life — CONGRATS!
Sounds important — I bet that’s just what you wanted to be when you grow up! Even though it had nothing to do with what you studied in college, nor does it align with any of your interests.
My point is a lot of people get pushed into a certain industry and because you’ve worked your way up the “corporate ladder” in that company, you feel included to stay there for the rest of your working life.
Please don’t allow your position to define who you are, unless you are genuinely passionate about said job.
So many people put their self worth in their jobs. I see this especially with accountants, lawyers, doctors, and so on.
Because our whole life we are defined by our positions, which automatically transfers into who you are as a person.
If you are a doctor = you are well educated, caring and smart.
If you are a receptionist = you are uneducated, poor and will never get anywhere in life.
Don’t apply this faulty logic to how you feel about yourself.
Some of the most successful people in the world started out working as receptionists, while building their businesses on the side.
Either way, you define what success is for yourself!
They deem me mad because I will not sell my days for gold; and I deem them mad because they think my days have a price. ― Khalil Gibran, Sand and Foam
Working 10 hours a day doesn’t make you a successful business person, but it does make me feel sorry for you.
I don’t envy any manger that spends their own weekends and precious family time working instead of living their own life.
Unless all those late nights and weekends are being put into a business you’re seriously passionate about growing, I don’t feel jealous of you.
And that doesn’t include quarterly trips to the Bahamas.
On average, most people work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
That means they’re working 90,000 hours over the course of their lifetime.— Maggie Wooll
Careers offer us stability and a salary.
But we tend to get a little too caught up in our careers and forget there’s a person behind all this with that has their own purpose, whether or not you know what that purpose it.
It’s hard when you’ve been dedicating your life towards your work.
Maybe it’s yoga and meditation, or maybe it’s helping people.
Then find out how you could invest in your passion — but this is a topic for a different day!
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The bottom line is simple: all of us deserve to make the most of our potential as we see fit, to be the masters of our own destinies. Being forced to sell these things away to survive is tragic and humiliating. — CrimethInc., The Mythology of Work
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