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• A recent Reddit thread sparked a discussion of several careers that pay over $100K.
• Many of the jobs involve doing something most people don’t want to do — and for long hours.
• Many of the commenters credited their seniority in the field and the specificity of the skills needed in their job niche.

High-paying careers don’t always take place in an office, require numerous degrees, or lead to the corner office of a skyrise. In fact, you can make six figures doing just about anything, according to a recent Reddit discussion.
Reddit user fidgit86 posed a question on the Financial Independence subforum asking users what they do to earn six figures — and the responses were eye-opening.
From fixing air conditioners to running a handmade jewelry business, people didn’t always have to go back to school to make their fortunes, either. Below are some of the best responses from Reddit about careers that don’t come with panoramic views but sure pay like they do.

There’s never going to be a shortage of car accidents. With road trips on the rise in a post-pandemic world, getting into automotive collision repair could be a lucrative career, which means more car bodywork will be needed.
Reddit user Character_Ad_9794 said they’d been in the industry for nearly 15 years and are now seeing the benefits of the hard work without a degree.
“There’s multiple positions that make over $100k both in the shop and in the office and there is tons of related, off-shoot positions that pay well also,” they said. “PDR [paintless dent repair] techs make great money for example. Usually takes about 2 years of really hard work to get anywhere but if you work hard and can treat people around you with respect you can be make a good living without a degree after that. Highly recommend it.”
At $38 an hour and $57 with overtime, user clever80username said they made $103,000 last year delivering boxes.
User nightmareorreality claimed to make $125,000 per year repairing furniture. It took them about 10 years to get to the $100K+ level.
A what? User sexdocjill said they provide sexuality education, consulting, and coaching services to just about anyone. Think everything from helping someone grow more confident asking for what they want sexually to giving workshops at universities on consent to providing training for employees at sex shops on Kegel balls and pelvic floor health.

“I examine computer security/network stuff,” wrote pharos147. “The majority of the patent applications are from technology companies or startups. I do get patent applications that are just so obvious, but it’s not as common as in other subject matter areas.
User Kohmaakahn said they made $150 per hour to draw for a living. Their secret is location: They’ve been tattooing for less than a year, but their shop is in a college town with a never-ending clientele. The only catch? You need to know how to draw.
A high-school diploma combined with either three to four years of work experience or a bachelor’s degree can potentially lead to a career earning upward of $200,000.
One user claimed to be an Instagram stock influencer earning $400,000 per year.
“I mostly cover basic stock advice not much other financial advice like stocks vs bonds or credit. I also do financial news,” RaceOriginal said.
A few years of groundwork like working at the front desk or in housekeeping will give you the experience to climb the ladder.
Supermarket fiction sure does sell. One user said they’d made over six figures for five years in a row by being an erotica writer — “write and publish on Amazon.”
“Like someone else here said, the trick is to do something no one else wants to do,” Jenergy 77 said.

Working underwater in the U.S. Navy can yield nearly $200,000 by age 26, according to one user.
We’re not talking about houses; user Spreadburger said they fix ACs for skyscrapers and hospitals.
Tow trucks, freight trucks … you name it. Long hours pay off.
A lot of ups and downs. Literally. But it’s also a dangerous job.
“Being electrocuted or falling to your death is pretty terrible, but nothing compares to being crushed to death,” said one user.


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