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Rhea Ripley is arguably the most unique WWE wrestler today. Take a look at the 10 best looks of her WWE career, ranked.
As Corey Graves recently said, “everything’s coming up Rhea,” when it comes to The Eradicator of The Judgment Day, 'The Nightmare' Rhea Ripley. Born in Adelaide, Australia, Rhea Ripley grew up as a fan of The Miz, of all people. Clearly she has taken a different path on the way to her stardom – she is an absolute powerhouse who isn’t afraid to mix it up with anyone and everyone.
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With a little under a decade under her belt, Rhea Ripley has had plenty of different looks during her time in WWE, up to and including her new look as a member of The Judgment Day. But is that the best she’s looked in her career so far?
It’s hard to believe that Rhea Ripley is just 26 years old – her poise and ring presence make her seem like a savvy twenty-year veteran, and she hasn’t even been doing this for ten years yet! But when she was just starting out for the first few years, she hadn’t gotten that level of confidence just yet. She looked actually a lot more like herself – which oddly enough, she sort of looked like a Diva. She showed up at the inaugural Mae Young Classic with colorful gear, long blond hair, and a great smile, Ripley looked more like everyone’s favorite cheerleader, as opposed to 'The Nightmare' we’d all come to know.
After speaking with Beth Phoenix at the first Mae Young Classic and getting some sound advice, Rhea returned the next year with a chip on her shoulder. A chip on her shoulder and a look concurrent with her badass in-ring style.
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Black and gray to match the mean streak she acquired. In the vein of jacked-up ladies like Chyna and the aforementioned Glamazon, it was clear Rhea Ripley had tapped into a side of herself and created a new persona in the process. One that she has continued to build on ever since – she still had a slight bit of the girl next door look, but only if that girl wore gothic colors.
Spending two years being invited to the Mae Young Classic, one thing was certain, Triple H was heavenly invested in Rhea Ripley. When NXT UK was launched, an inaugural tournament was held to crown the first NXT UK Women’s champion. She might not have been slated to win the championship, but circumstances led to the historic moment. This time her hair was shorter and she was wearing all black – inching ever so closer to the punk rock look that is rapidly becoming iconic.
With Shayna Baszler ruling the roost in NXT, there was seemingly no one left to stop the Submission Magician from running roughshod over everyone was The Nightmare Rhea Ripley. She debuted for the black and gold brand, turning babyface in the process and standing up to the Queen Of Spades. Ripley spent a month or so chasing Baszler, including the first ever women’s WarGames, and when she finally defeated Shayna and became the NXT Women’s Champion – the party began in NXT.
After defeating Shayna, Ripley went on the kind of tear that included successful defenses against Baszler, Toni Storm, and Bianca Belair. Those victories alone gave The Nightmare a heap of confidence. So much in fact that she challenged the 2020 Women’s Royal Rumble winner, Charlotte to come to NXT and challenge for her title at WrestleMania.
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The first time ever that an NXT title was defended at The Show Of Shows. It was also the first time since becoming The Nightmare that Ripley put some color in her attire – she wore a blue and white ensemble that popped, and evoked the Saiyan Vegeta from Dragonball Z.
As she was chasing Shayna Baszler and the NXT Women’s title, Rhea Ripley readied herself for war. She and her teammates (Candice LeRae, Tegan Nox, and Dakota Kai) geared up to take on Shayna and her team (Kay Lee Ray, Io Shirai, and Bianca Belair). Unfortunately, Dakota turned heel and punted Nox out of the match before she could even get started. But that didn’t stop The Nightmare from overcoming the odds and defeating Shayna’s team to win the first ever ladies WarGames match and the first ever WarGames match in WWE history overall.
In the first event with fans since the COVID-19 pandemic, The Nightmare came to WrestleMania 37 to challenge Asuka for the WWE Raw Women’s Title. It was her first major event with fans as part of the main roster, too. WWE rolled out the red carpet for her, and she had donned traditional Rhea Ripley leather attire, this time with a bunch of red accents to go with. It also helped the entire presentation to have the band New Year's Day play Ripley to the ring.
After repeatedly getting slighted and put with perceived lesser superstars in tag teams, Rhea Ripley snapped and joined The Judgment Day. While she had been presented as wearing long tights (to seemingly hide the copious amounts of demonic tattoos she has going on), one evening she inadvertently lost her gear and had to borrow someone else’s short trunks. Thanks to that, she has been wearing similar gear coupled with fishnets ever since.
For several months, The Judgment Day had sought to destroy its creator, Edge. They were finally able to when Finn Balor forced Edge to say “I Quit” or watch his wife get her head Con-Chair-toed. Which he unfortunately had to watch Rhea Ripley do to Beth Phoenix anyway.
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Several weeks later, at Crown Jewel, she taunted Beth by dressing up like she had done months earlier when she and Edge took on Miz and Maryse at the Royal Rumble.
Some guys just like enjoying fantasizing about being with the bad girl. Then some guys get to live out that fantasy too. As Rey and Dominik Mysterio were gearing up to help their friend Edge against The Judgment Day, Rhea had been whispering sweet nightmares into Dom’s ears. Either those sweet nothings finally worked, or the way she’s been dressing lately – or a combination of both. Her street gear nowadays showcases a physique she’s worked very hard to achieve, and the faux-Eddie Guerrero shirt helps sell that The Judgment Day will do whatever they whenever they want – and no one’s going to stop Rhea Ripley from doing it.


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